SimTiles v4.1.0

– Added X-Plane 12 support

SimTiles v4.0.5

– Reworked from the ground up: Rebuild with pyQt5 and Py3, reworked logging, laid groundwork for upcoming parallel operations
– Added Installer option
– Ported to Py3.9 and PyQT5 (3.37)
– Reworked logging (4.03)
– Improved lock logic (4.02)
– Added Save button to batch selection page (4.02)
– Improved speed and reliability of seasonal enabling/disabling, now only considering sceneries containing seasonal tiles folders (3.37)
– Reworked Lite logic: Lite now has the same features as the Full version, but it introduces watermarks on all tiles. Purchase of the Full license allows creating watermark-free tiles. (4.04)
– Reduced steps of elevations dsf data extraction by updating command-line tools to 64bit and removing need for 7zip operations (4.03)
– Added UI fonts scale option (3.37)
– Improved UI speed by improving logging logic, it now only writes log on exist and/or crash (3.34)
– Reworked threading (4.01)
– Implemented future-proof cacheVersion handling for future cache updating (3.34)
– Removed 32bit version (4.03)
– fixed stop/start locking bug when buttons were pressed (alternating) too quickly. (4.02)
– Reworked SIMTILES cache handling and creation (3.37)
– Better handling when the photoscenery folder is missing or the X-plane folder is missing (4.05)
– find routine bug fix affecting some scenery dsfs (3.37)
– Bug fixes (3.37)
– Fixed bug with cacheVersion file not existing (3.36)
– Fixed rare tile resolution bug which would not restore output resolution back to the selected output resolution. (3.36)
– Fixed bug with cacheVersion and folder not existing (3.34)
– Reworked logging (in progress) (4.01)
– Anticipate execution of the analizeElevation routine. This hangs the UI for a few seconds on Simtiles cache creation but worth it for upcoming features. (3.34)

SimTiles v3.275

– Fixed rare tile resolution bug which would not restore output resolution back to the selected output resolution.

SimTiles v3.27

-Added compatibility with Spain photoreal sceneries and all sceneries containing inaccurate asset filepaths in their definition files -Improved UI speed drastically by reworking logging logic, it now only writes log on exit and/or crash
– Added disk space checks multiplatform, used on both the folder and drive containing SimTiles as well as on the drive containing each processed scenery

SimTiles v3.25
– Introduced algorithm to calculate approximate lat long coordinates from scenery dsf files, removed requirement for load_center string in .ter or .pol files
– Improved cleanup algorithm, it now removes every temporary file generated from presets from the tmp folder
– Explicitly set font size in order to overcome different windows dpi settings depending on screen resolution. Higher than 100 dpi now triggers a smaller font, this should improve 4k displays
– Elevation thresholds now support 4 digits
– Code improvements (read-write routine now reads files as read only when possible and closes read file handles correctly, improved serial license read write routine, file is now opened and closed as text rather than binary)

SimTiles v3.21
– Fixed bug caused when .pol file contained LAYER_GROUP in the resolution part of the load_center line
– Added Preview list button

SimTiles v3.2
– Processing much much faster, 100% or more! Imagemagick is now supporting OpenMP multicore technology
– Removed Legacy rule presets , now unsupported

SimTiles v3.15
– Improved UI color tab to accomodate more fields
– Improved color and rule presets (old color rule presets are maintained with the _legacy suffix in the name)
– Refined preview filename for easier comparison of presets
– bug fixes

SimTiles v3.09
– Added 4k output option (clamped to input tile resolution if greater)
– Elevations algorythm improvement drastically, now each tile uses accurate coordinates to determing elevation rule used resulting in more plausible results
– Overhauled Preview, now previews are stored in Previews folder and preview images are stacked together with infos at the bottom of the picture for easier intelligibility
– Improved Ortho4xp compatibility
– Better catch of missing LOAD_CENTER condition
– Made paths relative in order to shorten length of imageConvert commands
– UI improvements, updated preferences format
– Better catch of imageConvert failure in case of bad or corrupt tile, bad rule or color presets
– Elevations exported in csv format
– Per-tile computed elevation list cached to disk
– Improved Night rules selection (by locking night resolution to 2048px)
– Fixed bug which prevents multiple terrain definition files from updating when sharing texture assets

SimTiles v2.0
-Added X-plane 11 support
-Simpler and more intuitive GUI
-Streamlined One click seasons management
-Lite version now has all the features of the Full version (except tiles elevation, city 0mt asl will be used), tiles batch in the Lite version reduced to 20
-Code improvements and bug fixes

SimTiles v1.8.5
-Dds conversion now performed using imageMagick instead of nvidia utilities
-This is a Workaround to solve the nvidia drivers bug ‘NVIDIA GeForce XXX’ device is not removable and cannot be ejected or unplugged.’
-removed unused nvidia files

SimTiles v1.8.1
-Fixed wrong imagemagick installation
-disabled unused preview buttons in demo mode

SimTiles v1.8
-fixed bug causing erroneous elevations when parsing elevation.raw

SimTiles v1.7 (internal)
-embedded imagemagick
-updated all tools to latest versions (7z dsfTool nv tools)
-added nvCompress options documentation
-added compatibility with legacy scenery option which automatically renames seasonal folders to the correct name

SimTiles v1.5.5
-Fixed UI bug preventing the change of altitude thresholds from the interface
-Added the ability to use multiple imagemagick installations on your computer (before imagemagick would read the registry value to determine imagemagick’s module and filter paths)

SimTiles v1.5.3
-Added support for definitions files with missing DATA_CENTER lines
-Fixed change seasons buttons bug
-Fixed old .pol bug
-Minor internal improvements
-Reworked UI

SimTiles v1.5.01
-64 bit version
-HD Meshes support
-One click change of season for all sceneries installed and in use.
-Much faster performance (after a one-off scenery analysis)
-Smaller footprint on disk for scenery data
-Lots of bug fixes
-Better printouts of messages
-scenery/tmp folder obsolete now, automatic removal
-automatic update from 1.2 to 1.5 format (simtiles.dat injection and removal and texture_day to texture_winter rename)
-fix multiple selections folder list bug
-fatal error showing up as dialog box instead of through shell

SimTiles v1.2.52
-Fixed small bug where an error would occur when no presets are selected and the program is closed for the first time

SimTiles v1.2.51
The last version introduced a bug which generated broken night images. This version reverts to the working rules and working imagemagick handling.

SimTiles v1.2.50
-Cleaner UI
-better ‘current presets’ handling for seasonal and nights
-stronger imagemagick color format ( hexadecimals instead of rgb() )
-better log handling
-now checks for new version at startup too

SimTiles v1.2.40
-stronger checks for dodgy looking text files (extracted dsf files)

SimTiles v1.2.20
-fixed truscenery issue with dsfs compression, new unzip algorythm
-stronger program calls (using subprocess)
-stronger logs ( from subprocesses )

SimTiles v1.2.00
-xplane 10 global scenery support
-zipped dsf files support

v1.1 to v1.2 Highligths
-support x-plane 10 global scenery
-support for compressed dsf files

SimTiles v1.1.10
-Better log and printouts (should be easier to figure out what is going on and if something is not working)
-support existing g2xpl night texture names (untested)
-creating groundwork for future xp10 GS support

SimTiles v1.1.02
-Winter rules now adapted to support varying output size

SimTiles v1.1.01
-Added snow Light and Heavy presets
-fixed elevation calculations, it now sets elevation to 0 if GS dsf is missing
-more printouts for batch operations
-dumps dds every 50 (used to be every 100 and was waay to long)
-slight tweak to night color rules

SimTiles v1.1.00
-winter rules improvements
-buttons and tabs color coding
-decluttered Lite version, now popups appear

SimTiles v1.00.92
-winter rules implemented!
-enable disable seasonal buttons implemented!
-further UI improvements
-removed two small bugs in the stats routine (had to do with simtiles.dat)

SimTiles v1.00.91
-implemented preview button
-enabled winter (seasonal) tile creation in both lite and full versions!
-stores dsf files onto memory, much faster operations!
-overall UI improvements

SimTiles v1.00.81
-supporting xscenery sceneries too now.
-reverted back to dsf terrain elevation and vertex data, much more reliable!
-improved coordinates to dsf routine, it should fix errors when coordinates are negative in the 0 range.

SimTiles v1.00.80
-Implemented DAY routines for winter textures, presets are experimental and still WIP
-reworked read/write routines
added simtiles.dat used to “remember” paths to original textures. This is useufl when wanting to restore oriignal textures after creating winter tetxures

v1.0 to v1.1 Highligths
-Winter tiles creation
-Ability to enable/disable seasonal and night tiles with the press of a button
-sceneryX sceneries supported
-faster dsf operations
-Improved UI

SimTiles v1.00.2
-Implemented DAY routines for winter textures WIP
-improved log now dumps *all* infos and scenery infos

SimTiles v1.00.16
-streamlining elevation routines
-loosing averaging, will get REAL elevations from now on, if it can find one close enough, otherwise 0mt asl.

SimTiles v1.00.15
-elevation computed differently and now added analizeOnly for min/max elevations
-if dsf is not found it searches for neighbours
-looks for SHAPE_POINT and POLYGON_POINT now to determine elevation mesh
added multi add/remove terrain buttons
-temp dsf txt data now stored in each scenery. This will run slow the first time, much much faster all subsequent times

SimTiles v1.00.12
-improved naming of presets, now we have two presets colors and rules
each with three elevations settings (elevation0 elevation1 elevation2)
-fixed dsf listing bug
-added new rules preset (now we have nightClean and nightWithMask), the latter multiplies the elevation presets by a darker and darker noise mask as the elevation increases

SimTiles v1.00.11
-improved banner graphics
-improved UI
-added rules editing buttons
-check for updates now checks the current version against latest version
-fixed batch (multi sceneries) bug where it would halt the batch in some circumstances

SimTiles v1.00.10 release candidate 1
-better text and ui
-cleaned add remove terrain routines
-improved rules and colors presets
-hardcoded resolution to 1024 for lite version (easier presets handling with locked presets)

SimTiles v1.00.04.beta
-rewritten elevation retrieval, it now reads all coordinates from all .ter/.pol files, even for dsf files outside 1x1deg area, this is then checked against available global scenery dsfs.
-added verbose output (suggested to turn this on to display lots of informations on what is going on). Info is stored in log file regardless of verbose status
-fixed minor misc buttons bugs

SimTiles v1.00.03.beta
safer error checks
it now creates two logs a normal and a crash log and when an error is detected instructions are printed on screen about what to do

SimTiles v1.00.02.beta
fixed preset rules bug
stronger imagemagick checks if files are not created it detects error
added support for -global overlays- under custom scenery too

SimTiles v1.00.01beta
port from photoshop to imagemagick and better MAC compatibility
retrieval of .ter and .pol from scenery dsf
retrieval of elevations from global scenery
presets management
preset page (rules and colors)
implemented license system
UI improvements
Rewritten all program (removed global variables)
reorganized analize and stats code
—-SimulNight is now incorporated into SimTiles—-

improve UI new internet links

added resolution 512px 1024px keepOrig resolution
remove tmp files at next launch

64bit dds loading and saving (should be faster with recent GPU cards)
faster elevation query: reduced queries to 5 per file
optimized loading and saving of elevations
fixed “multiple Sceneries” tab buttons
stronger scenery folder checks (it should fail less often in multiple sceneries mode)

bug fixes, stronger checks when all textures in a batch operation are copies of the black file.
added number of the current elaborated texture
added console end of batch printout
bug fixes
added web elevation fetch retrial after 30 secs
improved log and optimized main texture processing loop
updated to python 2.7
multiple scenery batch
added multi_list.txt load and save (can be edited outside the program)
stop multiple stops all processes and sceneries creations
photoshop pid not working now fixed
improved interpolation algorythm, now using 9 tiles and only using tiles with existing elevation
photoshop killed using process ID, much more secure now
improved log output and printouts
added ability to overwrite night textures (in misc)
added photoshop exe path
fixed bug if ini file was empty
fixed misc button bugs
fixed misc button remove night entries if no _LIT folder was present
logging subProcess properly now
adding minDdsSize
adding number of surronding tiles for interpolation from 5 to 8
fixed droplet error when 512px res was set
added layout for multiple sceneries (not implemented yet)
added elevation download and elevation usage
box filtering for elevation using cross average(1+4 tiles)
photoshop is not launched and killed anymore. it is now the users responsability to launch it
fixed night entries
added removce night entries from terrain files button
v0.99 beta
done some optimizations, it is now scaling the image only once, at the beginning
v0.98 beta
moving to tmp/
using cuda only
creating a .tga and using a generic save instead and then conver with cuda
v0.97 beta
trying to get rid of the non-existing file nasty bug, increased batch from 50 to 100
added misc functions”
texture_LIT now created in the right place
add .pol support
vunified lite and advanced
making it compatible with gmaps
fixing lots of bugs
fixed missing texture_LIT creation
fixed ini creation bug if the path is empty
added data\\ to empty.dds
fixed terrain bug