SimTiles is the first and only software which creates Night and Seasonal (winter) textures for photoreal sceneries for the flight simulator program X-plane. For more info about X-plane click here

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SimTiles Main Features:
– Creates night tiles overlays and/or winter tiles
– Night tiles and winter tiles can be enabled simultaneously
– One click Change Seasons, a first in X-Plane
– Up to 4K resolution
– X-plane 11,10,9,8.64 support
– 64Bit version
– Compatible with all X-Plane compliant photoreal sceneries
– Preview tiles
– Three rules based on tile elevation, city, hill, mountain
– Fully editable color and rule presets
– Batch photosceneries creation
– Faster thanks to multiprocessing support
– Tiles are enabled/disabled procedurally and non destructively

How it works:
SimTiles processes day terrain tiles of a photoreal scenery and, using a set of algorythms and rules creates night and winter texture tiles by filtering images colors. Presets are fully editable and scriptable and the process is procedural and non-destructive.

SimTiles supports all x-plane photoreal sceneries for x-plane 8.64+, 9, 10, 11 including Simheaven X-scenery Ortho4xp G2xpl Gmaps sceneries.

It is natively a Windows program but can run on Linux and Mac using Windows emulators or Wine*.
*It requires a Windows emulator to run on Linux or Mac such as Wine, Virtualbox, Windows parallel or Bootcamp. You’re required to run the software from within the windows session.

Running SimTiles on Linux and Mac is not officially supported.

How to get it
It comes in two versions: Lite (Freeware) and Full (Payware).
First, download and install the Lite version and check functionality. The Lite version is the product installation file; there is no other download!
Purchase the license key to unlock the Full features.

SimTiles Lite (Freeware)
The lite version is free, it has the same functionalities as the Full version, except all generated tiles come with a visible Watermark.

SimTiles Full (Payware)
The full version allows the creation of tiles without Watermarks.

Resource page listing available photoreal sceneries here

It requires X-Plane Global Scenery installed (used to determine tiles elevation above sea level).

Terms and conditions
This license is for personal use only and cannot be used to produce commercial content. Please contact in order to purchase a commercial license. Simultools is not responsible for any harm caused by this software.
All sales of SimTiles Full are final.