SimTiles v4.0.5 Released

SimTiles v4.0.5 has been released. A long time in the making, this is a substantial update.

SimTiles has been reworked from the ground up, rebuilt with pyQt5 and Py3, reworked logging and laid groundwork for upcoming parallel operations.

SimTiles now comes with both Installer and Portable options.

Lite logic was reworked completely: The Lite version now has the same features as the Full version, but it introduces watermarks.

Go to the download page to get it!

  • Reworked from the ground up: Rebuild with pyQt5 and Py3, reworked logging, laid groundwork for upcoming parallel operations
  • Added Installer option
  • Ported to Py3.9 and PyQT5 (3.37)
  • Reworked logging (4.03)
  • Improved lock logic (4.02)
  • Added Save button to batch selection page (4.02)
  • Improved speed and reliability of seasonal enabling/disabling, now only considering sceneries containing seasonal tiles folders (3.37)
  • Reworked Lite logic: Lite now has the same features as the Full version, but it introduces watermarks on all tiles. Purchase of the Full license allows creating watermark-free tiles. (4.04)
  • Reduced steps of elevations dsf data extraction by updating command-line tools to 64bit and removing need for 7zip operations (4.03)
  • Added UI fonts scale option (3.37)
  • Improved UI speed by improving logging logic, it now only writes log on exist and/or crash (3.34)
  • Reworked threading (4.01)
  • Implemented future-proof cacheVersion handling for future cache updating (3.34)
  • Removed 32bit version (4.03)
  • fixed stop/start locking bug when buttons were pressed (alternating) too quickly. (4.02)
  • Reworked SIMTILES cache handling and creation (3.37)
  • Better handling when the photoscenery folder is missing or the X-plane folder is missing (4.05)
  • find routine bug fix affecting some scenery dsfs (3.37)
  • Bug fixes (3.37)
  • Fixed bug with cacheVersion file not existing (3.36)
  • Fixed rare tile resolution bug which would not restore output resolution back to the selected output resolution. (3.36)
  • Fixed bug with cacheVersion and folder not existing (3.34)
  • Reworked logging (in progress) (4.01)
  • Anticipate execution of the analizeElevation routine. This hangs the UI for a few seconds on Simtiles cache creation but worth it for upcoming features. (3.34)

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