SimTiles 3.2 Released, now 100% faster!

Exciting news, version 3.2 has now been released and is much much faster, in my benchmarks more than 100% faster!
This thanks to the included imagemagick which now supports OpenMP multicore technology.

New rule presets have been created existing rule presets are now obsolete and not supported by Imagemagick anymore.
I’ve also released version 3.15, based on the old version of Imagemagick which contains both new and old (legacy) rule presets.

Download version 3.2! Enjoy!


Full changelog

SimTiles v3.2
– Processing much much faster, 100% or more!
– Removed Legacy rule presets , now unsupported

SimTiles v3.15
– Improved UI color tab to accomodate more fields
– Improved color and rule presets (old color rule presets are maintained with the _legacy suffix in the name)
– Refined preview filename for easier comparison of presets
– bug fixes