Help and tips

Houdini Examples and Tips file:

Step by step guide how to update Deadline to support newer versions of Houdini (e.g. Houdini 18.5)

SubmitToDeadline can run from any Rop network, including Rop networks part of other contexts.
SubmitToDeadline’s Hda must be sourceable by all render slaves in use.

Check ‘Initialize Simulation OPs’ on rops in order to submit rops as simulations (one chunk).
SubmitToDeadline supports clustering (but not slicing) distributed jobs.

Mantra jobs are by default split into two jobs (Batch translation and Mantra Render).
Arnold and Redshift are submitted as Batch jobs (Scenes are not translated on the farm).

Enable ‘Render as Batch Job’ in order to submit Mantra as a single batch Job.
This option is Forced On on Limited Commercial and Apprentice.

ExtraVar and ExtraInfo fields accept $ and * as special characters:
i.e. \$HOU*
i.e. \$USERNAME = myUser

Set ‘Render Hip Folder’ to ‘.’ and uncheck ‘Append timestamp to Render Hip File’ in order to submit the current hip file rather than a render copy.