SubmitToDeadline is a commercial software targeted at the Visual effects industry. Adopted by a number of VFX Studios worldwide, SubmitToDeadline is a Houdini renderfarm submitter for Deadline managed renderfarms

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SubmitToDeadline is the most advanced submitter for Houdini, it’s fully integrated into Houdini, self contained in a tidy Python Houdini digital asset, very powerful and handles complex dependencies automatically. It has similar features and functionality of proprietary solutions seen at the main big VFX studios.

General Features:
– Matches features of in-house Houdini submitters seen at large visual effects facilities
– Designed to speed up workflows and to solve real production needs
– Most advanced Houdini submitter on the market
– Proven to increase productivity
– Successfully proven production experience
-Adopted by a number of studios worldwide including Multi award winner Milk-VFX and Disney Imagineering.

– Self contained Houdini Digital Asset
– Automatic handle complex dependencies
– Solid algorithm to traverse networks and build accurate dependencies
– All main rops supported (Redshift & Arnold support in an upcoming update)
– Render rops automatically split and submitted as two jobs (translation and rendering)

( For more info about Houdini and Deadline click here and here )