SimTiles 1.5.01 Released!

Simtiles v1.5.01 released!

Lots of new features and improvements, most of the routines have been re-written from the ground up, it should now be more reliable, faster and more future proof.

Main new features are the 64bit version, useful for the memory intensive new HD v2 meshes, faster performance after a first one off scenery analysis, and a nice one click change season for all photosceneries installed in your custom scenery.

Important, do not go back to previous versions of simTiles after you run v1.5.01

SimTiles v1.5.01

-64 bit version
-HD Meshes v2 support
-One click change of season for all sceneries installed and in use.
-Much faster performance (after a one-off scenery analysis)
-Smaller footprint on disk for scenery data
-Lots of bug fixes
-Better printouts of messages
-scenery/tmp folder content obsolete now, automatic removal
-automatic update from 1.2 to 1.5 format (simtiles.dat injection and removal and texture_day to texture_winter rename)
-fix multiple selections folder list bug
-fatal error showing up as dialog box instead of through shell
-plus many more small bugs

Please note, due to the limited beta run of v1.5.01, if you encounter any bug don’t hesitate to drop us a line, bug fixing is high on our priority list.